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We are two brothers – passionate about world music – from England, UK.

We aim to build a world music radio station devoted to opening up the ears, minds and hearts of people to the rich variety of world music out there.

Important news regarding the hosting of WorldBeatUK:

Until recently Glyn Phillips (’s Editor) was broadcasting a weekly, two-hour, live world music radio show called WorldBeatUK, sharing everything from the newest releases to time-weathered classics, which was hosted on a pre-existing online Community radio station (called Rhubarb Radio).

The show covered the whole gamut of world music and had a global audience, from Russia to America, New Zealand to Poland, Ecuador to Canada, Jamaica to Ghana and more.
However, due to a significant theft of equipment from Rhubarb Radio’s studios in early November 2011, the station is unable to function. So we are no longer broadcasting WorldBeatUK on Rhubarb Radio.

We were initially planning to launch WorldMusicRadio.Com in late 2013/14, but due to the problems of hosting WorldBeatUK on Rhubarb we are trying to bring forward our launch and are currently working on providing a new home for the show on WorldMusicRadio.Com as soon as possible.

So, we are racing to provide a basic station service as quick as possible with both past and new WorldBeatUK shows available.

We will also be speeding up completion of our full world music radio service with many new shows and formats, wide coverage of styles and introduction of new independent presenters, etc, to be able to deliver an exciting new station to you!

If you have any questions or ideas etc please contact us via our main website: http://

Hopefully later this year WorldMusicRadio.Com will be the new place to hear WorldBeatUK and catch up with all that’s fresh in the world of global music, listen to the sounds other stations won’t let you hear, and relive the classics of world music from long ago!

If you want us to contact you when we’re ready then please leave your email address with us here:

info [at] with “WorldMusicRadio.Com – mailing list” in the title line

Eventually we will populate WorldMusicRadio.Com with an amazing library of music from all over the planet and provide you with a one-stop station to enable you to embark on a voyage of musical discovery around the world!

From Africa to Australasia, from Europe to the Pacific, and from Asia to the Americas there is a wealth of amazing distinctive music being created and we look forward to bringing this to your ears via this online radio website.

From Aboriginal to Zouk, from Zydeco to Afrobeat, WorldMusicRadio will take you around the world in a globe-full of grooves…

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